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Discover how to perform a proper routine maintenance for your Unica.

As it follows you can have a general overview about the best way to maintain Unica, your compact multi gym for strength training at home: a 360 degree training experience.

Lubrication of the guides

The right method of lubrication is essential to maintain the correct functionality of the equipment and to guarantee a seamless training experience.

If the movement of the weight stack plates is noisy or no longer smooth, it is highly recommended to lubricate its guides with the specific lubricant, supplied with the equipment.
In particular, remember to clean the guides with a paper towel before lubricating.

Furthemore, to access the guides, loosen the screws (five on each side, for example) and slide the two STRETCHING and TRAINING panels outwards.

Adjusting the cable tension

During the initial period of use, the weight stack cable will lengthen slightly, due to the natural settling of its internal fibers. The cable must therefore be re-tightened by turning the special adjusting screw situated near the pulley above the weight stack plates.

In order to do so, back off the lock nut, then turn the adjusting screw and tighten the lock nut.

Remember that to adjust the cable tension, the weight selector pin must be inserted in the first plate of the weight stack (5 kg).

During this procedure, please remember that because the cable tends to settle with use, it is highly recommended to lock down screw so that the first weight plate is slightly lifted (1 or 2 mm).
Then, to access the adjusting screw, loosen the screws (five on each side) and slide the two STRETCHING and TRAINING panels outwards.


Every component of Unica has been carefully designed and installed for the perfect training experience: a piece of equipment that deserves the best precautions also in terms of cleaning.

In fact, in order to clean the frame and the padded parts properly, it is recommended to use a moist synthetic chamois; on the other hand, to clean the chrome parts, a special cloth has been supplied with the equipment which has been thought to preserve its distinctive texture.

Please not not to use products which contain solvents and avoid damaging the drawings and instructions on the stickers.

Moving the equipment

To move the equipment, screw the two wheels provided into the special holes on the sides of the weight stack column. Next, it is suggested to block the lever with the padded rollers with the lifting ring provided.
Once, you have done it, lift the front part using the anatomical handgrips and then move the equipment.

Please note that the equipment must be moved with great care, due to the risk of it tipping over.

Unica is the perfect combination of versatility and comfort: one fitness solution that fits in just 16 square feet.

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