Enhance your trainings with Unica
Want to know more about the many ways you can train with Technogym Unica?

Then you’re in the right place! Here you can find all the info you may need about Unica’s dedicated Routines and Precision Programs which you can find in the Technogym App, the training app specifically designed to maximize your training experience with Technogym products and to make you able to reach your fitness goals, improve your sport performances and maintain good health.

Looking for inspiration? Explore the Routine library, where you can find workouts based on muscle group, training duration, expertise and equipment. 

Take a look at the most popular routines, or just get straight to your equipment by using the Unica filter.

Want to reach a specific training goal?

Take a look at our Precision Programs, the personalized training plans created according to your specific objective, your experience level, your available equipment and time, which adapts to your progress throughout your training journey.

Technogym Coach, your digital personal trainer, will always be with you, motivating and supporting you to achieve your maximum potential.

Through the assessment, you’ll be also able to add Unica to your program equipment, choosing from 5 different fitness training objectives:

  • Lose weight
  • Tone your Body
  • More Strength 
  • Start Moving
  • Stay Young

If you're a sport passionate, you can also use your Technogym Unica to enhance your performance in tennis or skiing.

During the assessment, your Technogym Coach will ask you to specify your equipment, so that it can be included in your Precision Program. 

However, remember that, even once you have been assigned your Program, you can modify your available equipment at any time by going to your Personal profile icon > Your equipment.

Furthermore, if you have no access to your Unica for that day, you can also temporarily change the equipment of the daily workout proposed by the Technogym Coach, so that the proposed exercises will be adapted to the equipment currently available to you. 

You can do it, after selecting your "Daily workout”, just by pressing the white pen icon located next to "Start Workout”. 

Now you’re finally ready to start your training journey with the Technogym App.

Just select what suits you the best and let’s get straight into action! 

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