Train with your community using Rouvy and Zwift
Challenge your friends into exciting competitions with the two most used virtual reality apps on the market.

Technogym wants you to experience an increasingly stimulating and interactive workout, to challenge you and your friends by hurtling past the limit.

That's the reason why your MyRun can also function as a speed and cadence sensor for third-party apps like Rouvy and Zwift.

You can connect to them by following these simple steps:

  1. Make sure you have properly closed Technogym Live App from your background apps, in order to free up the Bluetooth connection (if you want to download Technogym Live App, press here to download the iOS version, or here for the Android version);
  2. Login to the platform of the external app you wish to use;
  3. Connect the app with your MyRun.

Bring the entire world... directly in your living room!

That's right! With the aid of these 2 renowed apps, you'll have the possibility to extend the boundaries of your own home.

With Rouvy you'll have at your disposal hundreds of virtual reality routes that pass through more than 32 countries around the world, and all within the easy display scope of your Technogym Live App.

In addition, you can engage other athletes in exciting real-time competitions, to push yourself always beyond your limits.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to take it easy and enjoy the view, you'll have iconic at your own fingertips iconic locations like the Stelvio Pass, Col du Tourmalet, and many others.

Zwift instead, will let you enjoy the thrill of running as if you were inside a real video game. Pure fun and professional training plans all rolled into one to help you conquer increasingly levels of difficulty. all this with your best friends!

What are you waiting for? Go in and throw yourself in exciting speed contests together with your MyRun! Training side by side with your community, you'll always give your best. Guaranteed.

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