Third-Party Apps compatible with Technogym Ecosystem
Find out the guidelines on how to connect third-party apps to the Technogym Ecosystem.

To give you the most immersive workout experience possible, Technogym provides you with the ability to link third-party apps directly to your account.

You can do this either through the Technogym App, or through the settings of our equipment using Technogym Live App.

Syncing an app to the Technogym App

  1. Access Technogym App (you can download Technogym App by going here);
  2. From the home page, head to the section reserved for your Personal Area. To do this, press the button at the top right with your photo (or your initials, if you have not uploaded any image);
  3. Inside your Personal Area, go to Settings > Data and connections.

Within Data and Connections, you can view a list of all third-party apps that can be synced. 

Specifically, you can find:

  • Strava
  • Garmin
  • Fitbit
  • Mapmyfitness
  • Myfitnesspal
  • Polar
  • Runkeeper
  • Swimtag
  • Withings
  • TrainingPeaks

On the right of the interface, next each thirt-party app, there is an information button with an "+" icon. By pressing it, you can get access to a screen in which there are all the specifications of each third-party app connection.

Identify and select the app you want to connect: you will be redirected into a new page, in which you can make the login. Now, all you have to do is to access with your credentials and grant permission to sync the two apps.

If the process has been successful, you will find a pop-up window that will notify you that the sync is done. 

Syncing an app to Technogym Live App

Technogym Live App is an application downloadable from your tablet that represents the new digital console made by Technogym, available on our home line equipment (if you want more information about this incredible tool, feel free to check this article!).

To connect a third-party app with Technogym Live App, follow these steps:

  1. Access Technogym Live App main interface (Technogym Live App is available for both iOS and Android systems);
  2. Press on "Settings" at the bottom left (the button with the gear-shaped icon);
  3. Go to the "Connections" panel, then check the list of syncable apps under the items "Relive your outdoor activities";
  4. Select the third-party app you wish to use by pressing the plus button "+" next to it;
  5. Log in to the app with your credentials.

If the operation was successful, you'll see that the plus button has turned into a little cloud. This means that the app has been successfully synchronized. Well done!

Interesting features related to third-party connections

Now that you've figured out how to connect third-party apps with the Technogym ecosystem, if you want to pursue real challenges, start exploring amazing features like:

  • Relive GPS function on our equipment with Technogym Live (function compatible with all the treadmills, Technogym Ride and Technogym Cycle with Technogym Live App iOS)
  • TrainingPeaks programs integrated with our MyRun (read more) and Technogym Ride (read more)
  • Stava Routes workouts integrated with MyRun (read more), Technogym Ride (read more) and Skillbike (read more)

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