Share Technogym App with friends!
Do you need an incentive to reach your fitness goals? We have a solution that makes everyone happy!

Invite 3 friends to the Technogym Nation and ALL of you will receive a reward. Win something special and help kick-start your friend's fitness journey. 

No excuses to move now! 😎 

How to share the Technogym App

  1. Open the Technogym App
  2. Tap on "Share the Technogym App with friends" on top of the Coach Section
  3. Then tap “Share with friends”


  1. Where can I share the invite? 
    You can share the invite via text, e-mail, or other direct messaging platforms. 
  2. How does it work?  
    If you are already a Technogym App user, invite at least 3 new friends and if they create an account on Technogym App you will receive a reward.  
  3. What is my reward? 
    A) If you don’t have a Technogym Plus subscription we will give you 1 month of free access to try Technogym Plus premium content. 
    B) Do you already have an active Technogym Plus subscription? If yes, we will give you reserved conditions to be redeemed on the e-commerce of our website or via phone in the countries where our e-commerce is not available.
  4. What reward does my friends receive? 
    They will receive 1 extra month of free access to try Technogym Plus premium content and train with super engaging video workouts and the energy of the best trainers following you step by step! 
  5. My friends has already tried the Technogym App. Can they still be rewarded? 
    The invite is only redeemable by new users who register and create an account in the app for the first time. 
  6. What can I access with a Technogym Plus Subscription? 
    - Ignite your energy with new trainer-led workouts every day in your personalised Precision Program. 
    - Immerse yourself in our 600+ Sessions and brand new weekly updates: yoga, pilates, HIIT, and many more.
    - Unique Technogym ID to access Sessions anytime & anywhere: at home, at the gym, at a hotel, and outdoors. 
  7. How long does the Campaign last? 
    3 months: from 15/06/22 to 15/09/22, valid in all the countries where Technogym App is available. 
  8. Who do I contact if I have more questions? 
    Contact us via email: We are happy to help out! 
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