Outdoors on Technogym Live
Find out all the Technogym Outdoor routes: unique scenarios characterized by wonderful landscapes in which immerse yourself during your workout.

Train anywhere in the world

Does it ever happen to you to daydream and that your mind wanders far away to breathtaking beaches or to the most characteristic and vibrating metropolitan cities?

If this is the case, you can still do it, but this time from the main interface of your Technogym Live

Just select the Outdoor” section, and let your inspiration guide you... you choose the destination

Are you passionate about natural landscapes?

What about visiting the Mayon Volcano in the Philippines? Simple, just choose it from the "Nature" section.

If, instead, you are just looking for a moment of true relaxation and you want nothing more than being lulled by the calming rhythm of the waves gently rolling on the shore, you can immerse yourself into one of the many dreamlike beaches, in  the “Seaside” section. 

But if, on the contrary, you feel a little more explorer than usual, the "City" section is perfect for you. It will transport you on a new adventure, among cities with different lights, customs and cultures.

With Technogym Live, you don't need a plane ticket to be amazed by the stunning beauty of the world, because it's just at your fingertips, even if for an hour or two, right in front of your eyes.

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