Onboarding on Technogym Ride
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Discover the correct procedure to optimally set up your Technogym Ride.

Technogym Ride is the only ALL-IN-ONE smart bike on the market.

Forget about issues related to connecting, securing the bike or cables devices, with a high-performance bike always ready 24 hours a day, which lets you save you precious time to reinvest in extra minutes for your training - essential for optimal achievement of your athletic goals.

To properly set up your Technogym Ride, follow these simple steps:

  • Plug in the product to the electricity.

    - To ensure that the product is actually connected, check that the power supply unit is switched on by checking for the presence of the green light indicator (we recommend to use a single power outlet instead of multiple adapters);
  • Start the product by pressing the power button located underneath the screen, just close to the Technogym Logo. After a few moments, you will see the display of your Ride light up. Once the screen is on, before you can access with your login, you'll need to configure the very first starting options, which consist of: (Please note that the steps below are usually done with the installer during delivery)

  1. Language setting;
  2. Unit of measurement (between km and miles);
  3. Wifi network* (more details below);
    We really suggest you connect the Wi-Fi during the onboarding process, so you will be able to properly login with your account.
  4. Home location (tap on 'home' when asked to select your location);
  5. Time zone;
  6. Date and time.

If you have gone through the entire installation procedure correctly, your bike should now be updated and fully connected.

In order to access all the free and on-demand content of your Technogym Live, you'll be asked to create or add your Technogym Account, also known as your Technogym ID (for more detailed information about creating your Family Account on Technogym Ride, check it here).

Moreover, to provide you with an even more personalized experience, once you have created your ID, you will no longer have to enter your login credentials: simply select your profile icon and you are in.

(Remember that you can always create or enter your Technogym Account from the main Technogym Live interface at any time, by simply pressing the icon on the top right of the screen).

*Connecting Technogym Ride to your Wifi Network

In case you skipped the part related to connecting your Wifi Network, below you can find all the necessary information:

  1. Access Technogym Live main interface;
  2. Press on the “Settings” button located at the bottom left of the display (the one with the gear-shaped icon);
  3. From the “General” panel, head to the first box at the top named “Network”, then press the “Settings” button. You’ll be redirected into a new page dedicated to Wifi networks;
  4. From this page, identify your own Wifi network and log in.
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