Onboarding on Technogym Bike
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Configuration phase of your Technogym Bike: how to set it up and start your training experience.

To turn your Technogym Bike ON or OFF, press and hold for a few seconds the button located on the bottom center of the screen, next to which you can also find the audio jack.  

Once the screen is on, the first options to select are: (Please note that the steps below are usually done with the installer during delivery)

  • Language configuration;
  • Unit of measurement (between km and miles);
  • Wi-Fi * connection options;
  • Training location (Home or Facility);
  • Time zone;
  • Date and time.

Now that everything is set up, get ready for your training experience!

In order to access all the free and on-demand content of your Technogym Live interface and to train with your Technogym Bike to its full potential, you'll be asked to create or add your Technogym Account, also known as your Technogym ID (for more detailed information about creating your Family Account on Technogym Bike, check it here).

In addition, to guarantee you a seamless and personalised experience, once you have created your ID, you will no longer have to enter your login credentials: simply select your profile icon and you are in.

(Remember that you can always create or enter your Technogym Account from the main Technogym Live interface at any time, by simply pressing the icon on the top right of the screen).

Thanks to the various training contents immediately available, you can train with the many types of workouts on Technogym Live Interface to better understand what suits your training needs the best!

What about immersing yourself in unique scenarios during your workout with the Technogym Outdoor section?

If, instead, you prefer being pushed by an energetic trainer, our Technogym Sessions are the right choice for you!

Once you have finished your training, in order to keep your Technogym Bike's functionality at its best, remember to turn it off only when it is in "stand-by" mode (which is when you can see the profile icon/s on the screen).

If, however, you are not planning to use it for a long period of time, we recommend unplugging it from the power supply. 

*Connecting Technogym Bike to your Wifi Network

In case you skipped the part related to connecting your Wifi Network, below you can find all the necessary information:

  1. Access Technogym Live main interface;
  2. Press on the “Settings” button located at the bottom left of the display (the one with the gear-shaped icon);
  3. From the “General” panel, head to the first box at the top named “Network”, then press the “Settings” button. You’ll be redirected into a new page dedicated to Wifi networks;
  4. From this page, identify your own Wifi network and log in.
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