How to turn your MyRun ON and OFF
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Learn how to properly turn your MyRun ON and OFF and discover when the product goes in stand-by mode.

If you just got your bright new MyRun but you have no idea how to turn it on, this is the article for you.

Actually, it’s very simple. The only real difficulty lies in identifying the power button, which is located on the right base in the front of your MyRun

Then, after finding the button, you just need:

  1. To turn the machine on, simply press the main switch to the position "I" (ON).
  2. To turn it off, press the switch to the position "0" (OFF).

Keep in mind that when you turn on the product, it will perform a quick self-check (reset) to make sure that all functions are effectively working. After that, it will be immediately available for use, ready to get you sweating in exciting competitions that will bring you to your best shape.

When the MyRun is unused but is still with the main switch on, it will automatically switch into

stand-by mode. In this mode, the display will turn off, to optimize power consumption. 

To reactivate the product, all you have to do is to step it on.

Please note that If you do not plan to use the product for some time, turn off the main power switch and remove the plug from the socket. This will ensure the perfect isolation of the MyRun from the main voltage of your location.

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