External device connections to Skillbike
Learn how to connect your computer, smartphone, tablet or your Garmin devices to your Skillbike.

As it follows you can learn step by step how to connect your external devices to your Skillbike, including computers, smartphones, tablets and Garmin devices.

With Skillbike, your devices can interact with your equipment with two different purposes:

  • You can record the workout data you've done on Skillbike directly to your devices, specifically Cycling power and Speed and Cadence parameters; (for example, you can do this with Garmin devices);
  • Or, using the third-party app of your preference, you can start a workout from your app; and then your Skillbike will be automatically controlled by your app (for example, you can do it by starting a workout on Zwift directly from your phone).

Once you have identified the specific function of your device, you can follow the directions below:

  1. Log in to your Skillbike;
  2. Identify and press the icon with the Band Connection symbol, located at the top right;
  3. You will access to a connection summary view:
    - he upper part of the panel refers to the Bluetooth connection of your device,
    - the bottom panel refers to your device connection via Ant+.

(To find out what type of connection your products use, see the instructions provided at the time of purchase).

Bluetooth Connection 

The upper part of the panel refers to your the device connection via Bluetooth, 

here how it works:

Initially, the Bluetooth Panel will have written “no devices connected”, since it is waiting for a device placed nearby with the Bluetooth function active to connect to.

After making sure that your device's Bluetooth is active:

  • Log in to your computer app or application and on your display locate and press on the identifying name of your Skillbike (which is the same name shown on the panel, within this specific section)
  • Then, you will be sure that your device is actually connected when the panel turns into green.
    Additionally, a ticks will appear next to the name of your Skillbike.

Ant + Connection 

The bottom panel is dedicated to the Ant+ Connection of your device to Skillbike.

Also in this case, at the beginning the panel is of a grey color saying “no devices connected”, while your Skillbike is  is immediately visible and it is already emitting data, ready to be intercepted by any device that supports Ant+ Technology (for example, a Garmin device).

In this case, identify and select on the display of the device you want to connect the unique identification number referred to your Skillbike, then according to the function your device has you can have two types of successful connection visualization:

  • In case your device has the function to record the workout data: the Ant + panel will turn into green and you can see a tick next to the dumbell;
  • In case your device has the function to control your Skillbike: the Ant + panel will turn into green and you can see a tick located next to the icon representing a rider.
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