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Find out about all the accessories included within your Technogym Bench.

Technogym Bench is an extremely versatile bench which contains all the tools you need in order to maximize your strength and functional workouts.

Technogym Bench is equipped with:

  • 5 sets of dumbbells of: 2,5 kg / 3,5 kg / 5 kg / 7,5 kg / 10 kg - Hexagonal dumbbells accurately designed to power up your strength training and your muscle mass level;
  • 3 sets of knuckles of: 0,45 kg / 0,8 kg / 1,20 kg - Weighted knuckles to best train your abs maximizing your core stability;
  • 3 pairs of elastic bands with handles at the end - Bands with different elastic resistance, distinguished by 3 colors:

          - Yellow → represents a low elastic resistance;

          - Gray → represents a medium elastic resistance;

          - Black → represents an high elastic resistance;

  • 1 Exercise Mat- Non-slip mat realized with a special 3-layer technology, which will provide you with adequate protection for more comfortable and cushioned workouts.

Now that you've become a true expert about all the accessories present within your Technogym Bench, all you have to do is to get going and start sweating!
Unravel the full training potential on the Bench thanks to the countless workouts available on Technogym App! (curious about the many training formats on the app? Have a look here).

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