Bkool App on Technogym Ride
Discover how with Technogym Ride you can train on Bkool and challenge other BKOOLers

Technogym Ride allows you to enter Bkool App right from the Technogym Live interface, so you can challenge your community and ride incredible routes.

How to access Bkool App on Technogym Ride?

To start your experience with Bkool follow these simple steps:

  1. Log into Technogym Live;
  2. On the main screen identify "App" at the bottom right;
  3. Next, among the several options, you can find "Bkool";
  4. Press on it to access the Bkool App where you will be asked to log in with your Bkool account.

The first time you access this app, you will be asked to configure your equipment on Bkool, here an explanation of all the steps:

  1. After few pages explaining how Bkool works, you will see a window titled “Devices”;
  2. Select “Technogym Ride” from the available devices listed;
  3. Click on the “x” below the window.

Now you are ready to start your immersive training adventure!

The sidebar on the left of your screen contains shortcuts to every app section: Home, User Menu, Search, Connections and Settings.

  • User Menu
    Personalise your data by clicking your profile picture. From this menu, you can also access the Store, where you can redeem your Bkool Points for incredible jerseys.
  • Search
    The lens button gives you the possibility to find the best sessions for you. Select the type of session you enjoy and Bkool will show you the most relevant for you. You can also apply filters to refine your search. Have fun and explore!
  • Connection
    Access the windows for device connection with the connection button on the side menu.To quickly determine the status of your devices during your workouts, press the panel at the top right. It will also open if the connection to any of your paired devices is lost.
  • Setting
    The setting page allow you to configure all the workout general settings

(If you need more info regarding Bkool app, you can take a look to the Bkool Support)

Your Bkool workout on Technogym Ride

Bkool is a training app designed for immersive indoor cycling experiences geared towards both fitness and sport. It offers different categories of workouts you can choose from, to assist you in every step of your training:

  • Routes: explore new countries while pedaling;
  • Workouts: goal focused exercises, which you can plan according to your needs;
  • Guided classes: let professionals guide you to the most effective time on the bike. It’s just like a gym at home;
  • Track cycling: access the best velodromes so that you can train or compete on your bike at home;
  • Competitions: join the Bkool community to participate in events such as leagues. Keep your motivation high by challenging other members.

After running the Bkool app on your Technogym Ride, you can access the most complete Bkool training experience directly from the screen of your smart equipment. 

(Note: Pay attention to check the FTP setted on your Bkool profile. The FTP registered on your Technogym Ride will not be automatically synchronized with the Bkool App.)

Giro d'Italia Virtual

Don’t miss the opportunity to compete with other BKOOLers riding the Giro d’Italia from your favorite location. Any cyclist will be able to join virtually on the last block of stages thanks to Bkool.

How to take part in the Giro d’Italia Virtual with Technogym Ride?
Find Bkool within the App section of your Technogym Ride and start the Giro d’Italia stages.

Be ready for the competition!
You can prepare yourself for this prestigious challenge also thanks to the Giro d’Italia Series of guided workouts available exclusively on Technogym Ride.

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